The take away from fifty shades of grey for men


If you are a smart man, you should go pick up a copy of 50 shades of grey and read it now.  This awesome book is a valuable peek inside a woman’s sexual drive. Every chapter of this book lets you know what turns her on, what makes her want to give it to you now, and what makes her want to come back for seconds and more. Every last one of those questions are answered, If you take the time to read between the lines of 50 shades of grey. In this article I will be discussing the takeaways I got from the series after reading half way through the second book.

The first thing I noticed about Christian Grey; He takes what he wants.  He expresses exactly what he wants to do to her and he is not afraid of letting her know he wants to control and dominate her every move in the bedroom. Women love this; they want a man who knows what he wants and how to take control of her in the bed. They like to be tossed around the bed, put into positions without having to ask their partner to do it. You would think that Christian was suffering from some Nitric oxide side effects; by the way he man handled her.  Most men have a fear of rejection; get rid of that now! The next time you feel like kissing her, just do it, and don’t wait until you see a sign of approval from her. If she doesn’t show the same affection back, don’t get mad just smile and move on. This is a cat and mouse game women like to play, they want to be pursued to find out if you are just into them.


You have to start being curious about your wife, girlfriend etc.  A relationship is always about feelings, regardless if it’s a physical one or an all-out love affair.  So stop trying to get something from her and stop taking everything she says personal. Once you can do this you will be able to see what she needs from you as a man. If you are meeting her needs, she will do anything for you. All women have some type of inner freak in them, you have to be the right man to make her want to share that side of her with you.  She needs to trust that you are not going to be judgmental by any of her request also. If she feels she can talk with you about anything, trust me you will have a great sex life from that point on.